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“ASPEED Technology is optimistic about the global trend of 360-degree imaging industry. In 2018, it released the world’s first 360-degree image processing chip, Cupola360, which incorporates M31’s low-power D-PHY IP and can be used in travel gatherings, dashboard camera recordings, and home-surveillance. In addition to the consumer application market, in 2019, ASPEED Technology will continue to explore the possibilities of its 360-degree solution for security monitoring and artificial intelligence applications. In the future, we will continue to work closely with M31 to develop more highly competitive SoC solutions.”

Chris Lin

Chairman, ASPEED Technology

“The result of partnering two emerging technology leaders, Efinix and M31, is the first FPGA family featuring a MIPI D-PHY with a built-in, royalty-free CSI-2 controller, which is the most popular camera interface used in the mobile industry. Thanks to our technology integration, our customers have more useable logic elements for video, camera, and sensor innovations.”

Ming Ng

SVP of operations and application, Efinix

“Embedded Flash technology becomes critical to support a wide range of applications including smart mobile, automotive electronics and the Internet of Things. The collaborative effort combining M31’s IP solutions with TSMC’s 28nm Embedded Flash process technology helps designers to optimize SoCs and achieve a successful balance between speed, area and power consumption.”

Suk Lee

Senior director, Design Infrastructure Management Division, TSMC

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