M31 Foundation IP Solution for Ultra-Low Power Application


Low power designs are very critical to mobile and IoT applications. M31 low power solution is comprehensive for low power designs which includes the green memory, low VCCMIN memory, low power cell library. M31 green memory provides low power modes including standby, nap, retention, and power shutdown modes. The dual rail architecture is also built in the green memory for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. M31 low VCCMIN memory supports low voltage operation to reduce leakage and dynamic power directly. In order to achieve low power SoC design, M31 low power cell library is the critical component. Not only low power optimized cells but also power management kit are included.


Green Memory Compiler Features

  • Tiny architecture:
    Ultra-high density structure to save area
  • Dual rail:
    Separate the logic power and core power with embedded level shifter (Save dynamic power and  leakage power)
  • Green power management:
    Standby, nap, retention, shutdown

Low Power Cell Library Features

  • Power management kit:
    Power gating cells
    Level shifters
    Isolation cells
    Retention flip-flops
  • Ultra-Low leakage Library:
    Ultra-low leakage devices design with thick-gate library
    Level Shifter, wide-range voltage support between core and IO
  • Low Power Optimization Kit:
    Multi-Bit Flip-Flop (MBFF)
    Small input capacitance cells
    Fine-grain cells
  • Low dynamic power:
    Shorter routing trace and more reduce parasitic capacitance
    Ultra-Low internal power

Low VCCMIN Memory Compiler Features

  • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling:
    Provide wide range speed and power optimization
  • Low voltage:
    Under drive operation