M31 ONFi IO for Flash Storage Applications- M31  ONFi IO v4.1 IP


ONFi I/O is a nonvolatile memory Interface technology with high bandwidth capabilities, which is particularly developed for flash storage applications. M31 provides a silicon-proven ONFi I/O in different process nodes. The ONFi IO follows interface specification of the international Open NAND Flash Interface to provide on-die termination (ODT) and support the impedance calibration for ZQ, also it can be customized the required functions according to customer specifications. At present, the ONFi 4.1 I/O IP has been silicon proven at 22ULP/ULL, and it has been successfully verified on the client side at 16FFC. The ONFi I/O solutions are also available at 55nm, 40nm, 28nm, 22nm and 16nm technology process.


  •  Supports ONFi 4.1 (1.2Gbps), ONFi 4.0 (800Mbps) & ONFi 3.2 (533Mbps)
  • Power-sequence free
  • Providing multi-driving-strength selection
  • Providing two receivers (Schmitt trigger and LVCMOS receiver) in a cell, which can be selected by the register
  • Providing ODT (On-Die Termination)
  • Providing ZQ Calibration
  • Available in 16nm, 22nm, 28nm, 40nm and 55nm process nodes

Application Scenario

TX Eye Diagram (800Mbps @ 28nm)