M31 Clocking IP
– M31 High Performance Fractional PLL IP


High Performance Fractional PLL is a general purpose frequency synthesizer with input reference frequency range from 10 to 240 MHz and 3:1 output frequency range. The PLL core is a typical Type-II PLL. The fractional part of the output frequency is achieved by using a programmable 3rd-ord sigma delta modulator. The PLL core operates on IO supply voltage for excellent supply rejection in noisy SoC applications. It is designed for SerDes, ADC, DAC…etc high performance applications.


  • Supports wide input frequency range: 5MHz ~ 100MHz
  • Supports 2:1 output frequency range allows optimization
    for power and jitter performance
  • 24 bit fractional accuracy
  • Supports Spread Spectrum Clocking
  • Adjustable Loop parameters
  • Lock Detect Signal indicates when frequency lock has been
  • Embedded frequency meter circuit for mass production test
  • Embedded continuous monitoring watchdog circuit for
    automotive applications
  • Low Area
  • PLL Core Area less than 150um x 150um
  • High Performance/Power Ratio
  • 6mA for 6GHz, Intrinsic VCO Phase Noise @ 1MHz offset = -89dBc/Hz
  • 3mA for 3GHz, Intrinsic VCO Phase Noise @ 1MHz offset = -92dBc/Hz

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