M31 Analog IP for Data Conversion


Data converters bridge the gap between physical world to digital one, where their performance/power/area often play a critical role when integrating SoCs. Moreover, a “customized design” in ADC is often required thus increases the integration complexity and extend schedule as well. M31 proposes the concept of “Modular ADC” based design in data converters and the AFEs. Every single analog macro is well planned and intentionally designed as module for vast application needs, achieving optimal trade-offs between performance (P), power (P), and area (A). M31 provides ADC that is highly configurable, thus retrieving voltage or current after the transducer or the very first front-end. Meanwhile, inherent filter and programmable gain adjustment relax the design of preceding stages.
Enriched data converter IP portfolios cover wide-range specifications including:
1) Nyquist-Rate ADCs of resolution from 8-bit to 12-bit with sampling rate from several tens of kHz to several hundreds of MHz, targeting for measurement, general purposes wireline, and wireless applications;
2) Oversampling (Continuous-Time or Discrete-Time) Delta-Sigma ADCs of resolution from 12-bit to 16-bit with bandwidth from several hundreds of Hz to hundreds of MHz, targeting for instrumentation, biopotential toward mobile (LTE) applications.


  • Flexible input source configuration in voltage and current
  • Wide application range from low-speed & high resolution to medium-to-high speed & moderate resolution with highly configurable circuit modules (Performance)
  • Ultra Low Power and scalable with clock-rate (Power)
  • Compact area (Area)