M31 Technology went public at the Taipei Exchange on January 23
Its 2018 annual revenue hits a historic high with NT$764 million

M31 Technology Corporation (M31, Taiwan stock code: 6643) has been officially listed at Taipei Exchange (TPEx) on January 23, 2019. The stock initial auction process started on January 9th and completed on January 17th, with an average bidding price of NT$238.57 per share, and 124,000 x 1,000 shares of qualified bidding in the process which is 213.8 multiples of available shares in distribution (the bidding rate at merely 0.46%) and the total fund of NT$24.637 billion was frozen from the stock market for the bidding. This event attracted and generated many interests and attention from the investment community. 

M31 is one of the few Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) suppliers in Asia. It is mainly engaged in IP designs and IP licensing services, and its worldwide customers are renowned foundries and IC design companies. M31 customer base is solid, and its physical IP are in two categories of fundamental IP and high-speed interface IP. Since its establishment in 2011, in a short period of 7 years, it has been in tremendous profitability growth and its operating profitability of last few years have been outstanding. The annual revenue for 2017 and 2018 are NT$634 million and NT$764 million, up 26.43% and 20.53%, respectively, over the previous year; Earing per Share (EPS) for the year of 2017 and the first three quarters of 2018 were NT$6.51 and NT$5.99 respectively.

M31 specializes in IP licensing services. The company does not only provide standard IP to customers, but also offer IP customization services, in order help customers to solve any particular technical issues from design to mass production, and to provide platform solutions to be easily integrated in any advanced process technologies. M31 has earned a reputation of being a dependable vendor in the IP market. Its high value-added IP products and services, reflect in the increased numbers of user community of its IP customers. Currently, there are more than 10 foundries and more than 200 IC design companies worldwide from the United States, China, Europe, and Taiwan.

M31 awarded many patents related its memory and high-speed interface IP. The number of USB IP logo and other standard certificates ranks in the second place worldwide, and its IP are very competitive in performance, power, and area. M31 has received many awards in recent years: 2013, “Emerging IP Provider Award” by TSMC; 2014, “The 60 Hot Startups to Watch” by EE Times; 2014 and 2015, “Best IP Vender in Innovation” by SMIC; 2017, ” Innovation Technology Award ” by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Development Program of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs; 2016 and 2018, “Partner of the Year Award for Specialty IP” by TSMC. With its total solutions, competitive advantage in performance, customization services and direct support channels, M31 earned an important role of the major in the high entry-barrier physical IP market and it’s been a leading one in Asia.

In addition to existing fundamental and high-speed interface IP development, M31 has passed the ISO 26262 Development Process Certification in 2018, to extend its technology and IP solutions to automotive applications for the future. Aligned with the future of electronic industry, these IP would be applicable to the AI and IoT designs. The commitment of these developments shows that M31 is ambitious and aggressive every aspects of the future IP market. To address the high growth and high demands of the IP industry, M31 will continue its efforts to offer more IP solutions, to provide IP with excellent performance, and to support customers with comprehensive services. The goal is to carry out a business plan which could help to increase distance ahead of its competitions, with its IP solutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automotive which will continue to deliver a high growth in the year of 2019.