M31 eUSB2.0 PHY IP


Embedded USB2.0 (eUSB 2.0) is a new generation specification proposed by the USB Association that extends the USB 2.0 specification and uses 1.2V/1.0V as the interface operating voltage. M31 delivers the IP with extremely small area and low power consumption by using a unique hybrid analog/digital architecture. The eUSB 2.0 IP supports not only native mode but also repeater mode, to make the application more flexible.


  • Fully compliant with Embedded Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (eUSB) electrical specification.
  • Compliant with UTMI+ specifications (High-speed, Full-speed, and Low-speed functions).
  • Support clock inputs from 10/12/25/30/19.2/24/32/38.4MHz clock source.
  • Accessible control signals provide users with specific optimization of critical parameters.

IP Block Diagram