M31 USB IP for Host and Peripheral Applications
M31 USB 4.0 Gen3X2 and DP1.4 X4 PHY IP with Type-C connector support


M31 USB 4.0 Gen3X2 transceiver IP provides a complete range of USB 4.0 Gen3X2 host and peripheral applications up to 40Gbps. It is compliant with the PIPE5.0 and UTMI+ specifications. The USB 4.0 IP integrates high-speed mixed-signal circuits to support USB4.0 Gen3/Gen2/Gen1, USB3.2 Gen2/Gen1 traffic and is backward compatible with the high-speed data rate at 480Mbps, the full-speed data rate at 12Mbps, and low-speed data rate at 1.5Mbps. The high-speed mixed-signal circuits are also compatible with DisplayPort 1.4 TX and DisplayPort 1.4/USB4.0.