M31 USB IP for Host and Peripheral Applications – M31 USB 3.2 Gen2X1 PHY IP with Type-C connector support


M31 USB 3.2 Gen2X1 transceiver IP provides a complete range of USB 3.2 Gen2X1 host and peripheral applications up to 10Gbps. It is compliant with the PIPE4.0 and UTMI+ specification. The USB 3.2 Gen2X1 IP integrates high-speed mixed signal circuits to support Gen2 and Gen1 traffic and is backward compatible to high-speed data rate at 480Mbps, full-speed data rate at 12Mbps and low-speed data rate at 1.5Mbps. To support the USB Type-C connector, the USB 3.2 Gen2X1 IP also integrates the active switch to support the bi-directional plug-in and the specific functions (USB attachment cable orientation detection and VBUS configuration) through the CC1/CC2 pins defined in Type-C connector.


  • Worldwide smallest USB 3.2 Gen2X1 PHY IP in 12/16nm process (IP size is smaller than 0.46mm²)
  • Fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.2 Gen2X1 and 2.0 electrical specifications
  • Supports clock inputs from 25MHz crystal oscillator and external clock sources from the core
  • Supports 3-Tap FIR Equalization for TX and CTLE+1-Tap DFE for RX
  • Integrates an active switch to support the orientation-less connection with USB Type-C connector
  • Provides an auxiliary CC module IP to support USB Type-C related functions
  • Supports both wire-bond and flip-chip package type
  • Available in 7nm, 12nm, 16nm, and 28nm process
  • USB 3.2 Gen2X2 PHY(10Gbps x 2) is available in 12nm, 16nm, and 28nm process
  • USB 4.0 in 7nm is coming soon

TX Eye Diagram

Block Diagram

RX Jitter Tolerance for USB 3.2 Gen2X1 Device with Type-C Connector