M31 Cell Library Solution for Low Leakage Application – M31 Thick-Gate Oxide Low Leakage Standard Cell Library (LLSC)


Innovative thick gate oxide (TGO) standard cell library uses I/O TGO device with larger channel-length than regular core device to dramatically reduce leakage current. For the non-critical path or block, properly using LLSC library to operate in always-on power domain will effectively minimize leakage power. LLSC library could save about 70% total power than pure thin-gate oxide library in the same operation frequency and operation voltage. M31 also provides power management kit (PMK) package in LLSC library, that is, user could leverage LLSC+PMK library to get the optimization power consumption in chip design.


  • Support low voltage operation design for ultra-low power application
  • Support core to I/O level shifter for cross power domain signal translation
  • Place in always-on power domain to save more leakage power
  • Specific block for low operation frequency to for total low power consumption
  • Support various I/O voltage (e.g. 40nm:1.8V/2.5V/3.3V)
  • Available in 22nm,28nm,40nm,55nm,90nm,130nm,150nm and180nm process

Thick-Gate Library Application in SOC

Standard Cell Libraries