M31 Standard Cell Library


M31 provides various cell libraries including Ultra-High Density Standard Cell Library (HDSC), General Purpose Standard Cell library (GPSC), Ultra-High Speed Standard Cell library (HSSC), and Low Leakage Standard Cell library (LLSC). In addition to these base libraries, M31 also provides Engineering Change Order library (ECO) for metal programmable feature, and Power Management Kit library (PMK), Low Power Optimization Kit (LPKT) for power and speed optimization purpose. Nowadays, M31 Standard Cell Library has already applied to many field such as IoT, AI, Automotive and CPU/GPU market.

M31 is able to customize specific cell function and willing to cooperate with customers to achieve their PPA targets. Not only the Standard Cell Library solutions are available in a wide range of process nodes between 12nm~180nm, but also those IPs have been silicon-proven.

M31 Standard Cell Library IP Portfolio


  • Multi-operating voltage solution (voltage island)
  • Retention power solution (power-gating)
  • Fusion mixed-Vt solution (multi-Vt)
  • Multiple channel length swappable feasibility (leakage control)
  • Metal programmable for Engineering change feature (ECO library)
  • DFM compliant (uni-direction, dummy)
  • Super high routability (fully customized layout)
  • Multi-bit flip-flop for low-power application
  • Always on block ultra-low-leakage solution (Thick-Gate library)