SATA 3.2


  • Compact IP size and easy for integration, die size 0.37mm² in 40nm process
  • Ultra low power consumption for SATA 6Gbps transfer, 78.6mW in 40nm process
  • Extensive testability including various loopback modes
  • Compliant with 6Gbps PHY Working Group Specification Revisions for Gen3i (6Gbps)
  • Compliant with SATA 2.6 specification, Gen1i/m (1.5Gbps), Gen2i/m (3.0Gbps)
  • Supports various power saving modes for ultra-low-power operation, including SATA Partial and Slumber states, and IDDQ
  • Supports reference clock frequency of 25 MHz
  • Programmable TX/RX parameters
  • Available in 40nm and 55nm process nodes

6Gbps TX Far-End Eye Diagram