M31 Analog IP for Environment Sensing – M31 PVT Sensor IP


Battery-powered applications like IoT, consumer products, sensors, and wearable devices often require extremely low energy consumption for a long battery life, where lowering the supply voltage is one attractive way. However, transistors operate under low voltage become more sensitive to process (P), voltage (V), and temperature (T) variation since they reach or are near sub-threshold region. Therefore, variation-aware technique such as using PVT sensors is necessary to prevent function failure. M31 provides PVT sensors that exhibit medium-to-high performance with ultra low power (ULP) feature to support various applications. Furthermore, M31 provides these sensor with “Smart” features, a.k.a. “Smart Sensor” that integrates analog interface (TIA, PGA, and Filter, etc) as well as ADC that is based on “Modular ADC” based design to accelerate time-to-market while supporting feature-rich SoCs.


  • Capable of sensing voltage or current within one smart sensor
  • Easy to drive with inherent filtering and programmable gain adjustment
  • Ultra low power & compact area
  • Available in 12nm, 16nm, and 22nm.

Conventional Smart Sensor

Proposed Smart Sensor