Memory Compiler


M31 memory compilers are designed with high industrial standard which provides the memory solutions for density, power, and performance optimization. M31 memory compilers are using industry leading techniques to help customers to achieve their various SOC projects.
Meanwhile, M31 Memory Compiler IP was certified with ASIL-D of ISO 26262 in April, 2019.


  • Fast Monte Carlo analysis for yield enhancement
  • Ultra-high-speed techniques for CPU applications
  • Ultra-low-power circuits for mobile devices
  • Ultra-tiny memory design for consumer solutions


  • Synchronous read/write operation
  • Low-leakage current and lower operation power consumption
  • Minimum metal layer requirement: 4/3 metal layers
  • High density layout structure and small area design
  • Flexible geometry optimization for aspect ratio requirement
  • Provide power trunk with ring/ringless type instance macro
  • Provide built-in options for yield/performance optimization
  • Support BIST integration
  • Support repaired system solution

Compiler Types

Block Diagram

M31 Automotive Certification