M31 HDMI IP for Multimedia Application – M31 HDMI TX IP


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is one of the most popular video interface in the world. M31 provides HDMI TX IP solutions with splendid quality, compact area, and competitive power consumption. It’s not only complied with HDMI v1.4/2.0 specification but also with full range of operation frequency to support various applications. Furthermore, the most challenge in HDMI interface design is to support 3.3V DC couple in advanced process such as 12nm and 16nm. M31 HDMI TX IP has integrated the protection circuit which is capable of dealing with 3.3V direct DC couple and this effectively relaxes the complexity of system level design.


  • Compact area with competitive power consumption
  • Support HDMI v1.4/2.0 with full range of operation frequency
  • Support 3.3V DC couple