Special IO – SD/eMMC IO


SD (Security Digital) and eMMC (embedded MultiMedia Card) IOs are nonvolatile memory interface technology with high bandwidth capabilities, which is particularly developed for flash storage applications. M31 provides a silicon-proven SD/eMMC IO in different process nodes. The SD/eMMC IO complies with interface specifications of SD Association and JEDEC to provide both SDR104 (SD IO) and HS400 (eMMC IO) high-speed modes. The SD/eMMC IO solutions are also available at 22nm, 28nm, and 40nm process nodes.


  • Support HS400 (400Mbps), HS200 (200Mbps), High-speed DDR (52Mbps) and etc.
  • Consisting of driver, receiver & pull-up/down resistors
  • Power-sequence free
  • Provide multi-driving-strength selection
  • Available in 22nm, 28nm, and 40nm process nodes

TX Eye Diagram of SD/eMMC IO

Application Scenario of SD/eMMC IO