M31 Embedded Flash Process Foundation IP Solutions


Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) includes One-Time-Programmable memory (OTP), Multiple-Time-Programmable memory (MTP), Flash memory (Flash), Magnetic RAM (MRAM), Resistive RAM (RRAM), etc.

Embedded Flash (eFlash) memory is a key component for programmable IC, which require small form factor and low power.

As follows are examples:

  • MCU uses eFlash to store codes and data while processing is performed.
  • IoT devices enable smart, flexible, and secure products being updated wirelessly by eFlash memory.
  • Electronic devices with eFlash enable a wide-range of products like smart cards, wearables, etc.
  • M31 provides the comprehensive IP solutions of standard cell library, GPIO, and memory compilers, etc.
  • Process nodes range from 28nm, 40nm, 55nm, 115nm, 130nm, 150nm to 180nm.

Foundation IP Solutions:

  • Brief summary table is as below, please contact M31 sales for latest IP catalog with details.