M31 Cell Library Solution for Ultra High Speed Application – M31 12 Track Ultra-High Speed Standard Cell Library (HSSC) for CPU Application


M31 provides the 12-track ultra-High Speed Standard Cell library (HSSC) for high speed user-specific design applications in the high speed CPU hardening (such as Cortes A-53), timing critical blocks in SoC, and any other high speed applications. Consideration of higher level circuit view, M31 could depend on customer’s design critical path to customize special combo and OPT cells to minimize critical path delay. The OPT cells include set up time and ck2q timing enhancement flip-flop, and timing arc enhancement combinational cell. The M31 12-track ultra-high speed solutions are also available in 55nm, 40nm, 28nm, 16nm, and 12nm process nodes.


  • Fully customized layout for performance optimization
  • Customized OPT cells for high speed applications
  • Multi-channel length/Multi-VT support for performance optimization
  • Provide ECO library for flexibility
  • Freely swap VT for speed/power optimization
  • Available in 12nm,16nm, 28nm, 40nm, 55nm process nodes
  • Rich sets of driving strengths for timing closure