M31 IP for Automotive Applications


Automotive electronics such as autonomous driving, all electric cars, and in-car infotainment are the new trends in the automotive industry. Automotive electronics are predicted to constitute near one third of the total cost of the entire car. Automotive vehicles are transforming into the “ultimate electronic devices.” M31 provides the variety IP types which meet ISO 26262 vehicle function safety requirements for the different applications in the “ultimate electronic devices”.

M31 M-PHY certified by ISO 26262 ASIL-B is a serial interface technology which is widely adopted in automotive devices interface transmission. As a MIPI Alliance contributor and an Interface IP provider, M31 provides a silicon-proven, low-power and low cost M-PHY IP in different process nodes.

M31 D-PHY certified by ISO 26262 ASIL-B Ready is a very popular physical layer interface for mobile applications as it is a flexible, high-speed, low-power and low-cost solution. M31 also provides silicon-proven D-PHY in various process nodes. Many car and mobile devices manufacturers are adopting MIPI specifications because the solutions are mature, relatively simple to use.

M31 PCIe PHY certified by ISO 26262 ASIL-B Ready provides high-performance, multi-lane capability and low power architecture for the high-bandwidth applications. It is optimized the minimal die area and low power consumption. The safe mechanism of PCIe PHY is compliant with PCI Express Base 4.0, PCI Express Base 3.1, PCI Express Base 2.1 and PCI Express Base It can meet the complete range of PCIe high bandwidth application in different channel conditions.

M31 High Speed Memory Compilers including “One-Port”, “Two-Port”, “Single-Port”, and “Dual-Port” have all passed ISO 26262 ASIL-B Ready and ASIL-D Ready certification. High speed SRAM instances are the fundamental blocks for all automotive applications. Users can generate different memory types, sizes and configurations according to different requirements. In addition, the compilers provide customers comprehensive product applications with vehicle safety requirements. Furthermore, the whole series products are ASIL-D Ready certified and provide optimized IP portfolio solutions for different customer’ designs with more flexible choices of design architecture.

M31 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) offers two choices of certification level: ISO 26262 ASIL-B Ready and ASIL-D Ready, which use the different safety mechanisms to achieve customized functional safety requirements. Besides, M31 GPIO products meet the specifications of vehicle ESD protection and assist customers in reaching the goal of safety and reliability of automotive products.

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