M31’s IP Solutions of 28HPC+/ 22ULP/22ULL Process Technology


The 28nm process technology features high performance and low power consumption advantages and supports a wide range of applications. The process mainly uses High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) gate-last technology, that consumes lower leakage current and performs much better results.

22nm ultra-low power (22ULP) and ultra-low leakage (22ULL) are derived as an optical shrink from 28nm platform and offer various options for a broad range of designs.

Compared to 28nm high-performance compact (28HPC) technology, 22ULP provides 10% area reduction with more than 30% speed gain or more than 30% power reduction for applications, like image processing, digital TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, consumer products etc.

New ULL device and ULL SRAM consume lower power in comparison with 40ULP and 55ULP. 22ULL technology provides significant power reduction crucial for designs in IoT and wearables market segments.

With regards to this platform, M31 has developed comprehensive IP solutions to assist customers with SoC designs. Include standard cell library, GPIO, SRAM/ROM compiler, USB, PCIe, MIPI, ADC, PLL, LDO IPs, etc.


Abundant IP solutions with competitive PPA on 28HPC+/22ULP/22ULL platform:

  • Foundation IP
  • Standard cell, Memory compiler(SRAM, ROM), ONFi, LPDDR3, SD/eMMC IO.

  • Interface IP
  • USB, SerDes,PCIe, MIPI.

  • Analog IP
  • PLL, POR

M31 IP Solutions:

  • Brief summary table is as below. Please refer to M31 latest IP catalog for details.

The checkmarks of the table may indicate “Silicon Proven”, “Design Kit Ready” or “Under Development”.

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