M31 Announces PCIe 5.0 PHY IP on TSMC 12nm Process to Accelerate SSD Storage Chip Performance

Hsinchu, Taiwan  •  June 22, 2022

Hsinchu, Taiwan - M31 Technology (Stock code: 6643), a leading global developer of Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP), today announced that its 12nm PCIe 5.0 PHY IP has been adopted by the world's leading SSD storage chip manufacturers and validated in their test chips to effectively reduce chip development costs and provide low quiescent current consumption, thereby significantly increasing battery life in mobile devices. M31 participates in the TSMC 2022 Open Innovation Platform® Ecosystem Forum in North America and has been recognized as a recipient of the OIP Partner of the Year award for Specialty Process IP which presents the remarkable achievements of M31 IP product development through collaboration with TSMC.

In the development of SSD storage chip market, PCIe PHY IP has always played an important driving role. M31 has been working with customers in the SSD storage market for more than six years, starting from PCIe 2.0 to the latest products of PCIe 5.0, the overall interface transfer speed has increased by more than 8 folds. Innogrit Technology, a world-renowned SSD storage chip supplier established only five years ago, has cooperated with M31 all the way from PCIe 3.0/4.0 products to obtain the PCI-SIG LOGO certification. Moreover, M31 PCIe 5.0 PHY IP has been successfully implemented in Innogrit next generation SSD storage chips, which not only increases the speed but also enables the scale of general consumer electronic devices and enterprise server computing. In addition, the M31 PCIe 5.0 PHY IP on TSMC's 12nm process can also achieve equivalent high-performance requirements and bring cost-effective IP solutions to SSD storage chip manufacturers compared to other PCIe SSD chips adopting more advanced processes in the market.

"M31 is pleased to be invited to participate in the TSMC annual event to unveil a series of IP solutions developed on the TSMC process technologies,” said Scott Chang, CEO of M31 Technology. “As a leading provider of high-speed interface IP, the M31 12nm PCIe 5.0 PHY IP addresses the needs for substantial upgrades in transfer bandwidth with speed up to 32Gbps, which can help our customers flexibly adapt to the rapid changes in the market. Ever since the establishment of the company in 2011, M31 has been working closely with TSMC and will continue to keep up with TSMC's latest advanced process technologies to develop below 7nm IPs to demonstrate to our global customers M31's abundant innovative R&D capabilities.”