InnoGrit adopts M31’s optimization solutions of PCIe 4.0/3.0
and ONFi 4.1 I/O IP cores for Artificial Intelligence Storage chips

Hsinchu, Taiwan  •  September 04, 2019

M31 Technology (TPEX code: 6643), a global silicon Intellectual Property (IP) boutique, and InnoGrit, the smart storage startup, announced today of the two parties’ establishment of long-term collaboration. InnoGrit’s SSD IC has already adopted M31’s PCIe 4.0/3.0 and ONFi I/O IP cores in effort to actively deploy in AI applications of massive data storage.

H.P. Lin, Chairman of M31 Technology, said: ” InnoGrit is a world-renowned solid-state drive (SSD) storage IC supplier. M31’s PCIe 4.0/3.0 IP is used for device interface between SSD and computer, while the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFi) I/O IP is able to be applied inside SSD to simplify the integration of flash memory for consumer electronics and computing platforms. InnoGrit’s products are especially positioned in the storage optimization of big data. We are very pleased to have successfully collaborated with InnoGrit in the past two years, and we will look forward to establishing an even closer long-term collaborated partnership in near future.”

Dr. Zining Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of InnoGrit, said: “The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has accelerated many infrastructure requirements, including integration of data computation and storage functions. With the application requirements of AI, big data, etc., InnoGrit focuses on the optimization of storage IC, and is committed to greatly improving the efficiency of data storage and transmission, reducing massive data traffic network, and excessive protocol conversion waste. InnoGrit’s products will be widely used in consumer applications, cloud computing, artificial intellegence, and data centers.”

The PCIe 3.0/ 4.0 IP developed by M31 Technology complies with the international PCI-SIG interface specification which have customer adaption. The developed IPs are currently undergoing product sample verification which provide single/ multi channels options according to different bandwidth requirements of Data Bus. The channel selection effectively improves computer performance. In 2020, M31 Technology will continue to develop PCIe 5.0 physical layer IP to provide customers with faster and more power-saving solutions.

The ONFi 4.1 I/O IP (1.2Gbps) developed by M31 Technology follows the interface specification of the international Open NAND Flash Interface to provide on-die termination (ODT) and support the impedance calibration for ZQ, and is able to customize the required functions according to customer specifications. At present, the ONFi 4.1 I/O IP has been silicon proven at 22ULP/ULL, and it has been successfully verified on the client side at 16FFC. The ONFi I/O solutions are also available at 55nm, 40nm, 28nm, 22nm and 16nm technology process.

About M31 Technology Corporation M31 Technology Corporation is a professional silicon intellectual property (IP) provider. The company was founded in October, 2011 with its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. M31’s strength is in R&D and customer service. With substantial experiences in IP development, IC design and electronic design automation fields, M31 focuses on providing high-speed interface IP, memory compilers, standard cell library and ESD/IO library solutions. For more information please visit

About InnoGrit InnoGrit Technologies Co., Ltd. is a startup headquartered in Shanghai, China. Founded by highly respected technology and business leaders in the Silicon Valley, the company’s visions are to solve the data storage and data transport problem in artificial intelligence and other big data applications through innovative integrated circuit (IC) and system solutions. At the center of convergence among computation, network and storage, we are on a mission to unleash the performance that was once limited by traditional data processing architectures and enable a new class of products and services to consumers, data centers and enterprises. For more information please visit