ASPEED adopts M31 Technology MIPI D-PHY IP to provide global 360-degree imaging SoC solution

Hsinchu, Taiwan  •  June 04, 2019

M31 Technology (Taiwan stock code: 6643), a global silicon Intellectual Property (IP) boutique, and ASPEED Technology Inc., world-leader in BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) System-on-Chips (stock code: 5274) announced today that the two sides will establish a long-term partnership. The most advanced spherical image processor chip (Cupola360) developed by ASPEED Technology has adopted the high-speed interface D-PHY IP of M31 Technology to actively deploy the spherical image processor for the consumer-level 360-degree camera global market.

H.P. Lin, Chairman of M31 Technology, said: “M31’s D-PHY IP is developed especially for the connecting interface between image chip and camera module, which can support the camera serial interface (CSI) and the display serial interface (DSI). It can be widely used in various smart phones and multimedia applications. Since 2018, ASPEED Technology is the world’s No. 1 BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chip provider. Their products are based on high quality and high performance in all applications. We are very pleased to have successfully cooperated with ASPEED Technology in the past two years, and we will establish a closer and long-term relationship in the future.”

Chris Lin, Chairman of ASPEED Technology, said: “ASPEED Technology is optimistic about the global trend of 360-degree imaging industry. In 2018, it released the world’s first 360-degree image processing chip, Cupola360, which incorporates M31’s low-power D-PHY IP and can be used in travel gatherings, dashboard camera recordings, and home-surveillance. In addition to the consumer application market, in 2019, ASPEED Technology will continue to explore the possibilities of its 360-degree solution for security monitoring and artificial intelligence applications. In the future, we will continue to work closely with M31 to develop more highly competitive SoC solutions.”

MIPI D-PHY developed by M31 Technology is a high-speed, low-power source synchronous PHY IP, with built-in tunable Data Lane and Clock Lane to provide customers with design freedom on the printed circuit board (PCB). Its high-speed modules help to achieve the higher bandwidth required for high-resolution image quality data signals, and because of the power-saving design, it is ideal for battery-powered devices.