Friendly Workplace

Compensation and Benefit Policy

The Company has established a reasonable compensation policy and defined an explicit reward and punishment system. The distribution and amount of the annual pay adjustment, year-end bonus, employee compensation, and performance bonus are determined based on the Company operation condition, the individual and departmental performance, and other relevant factors.

In accordance with labor-related regulations, the Company registers every employee for Labor and Health Insurance and retirement pension to guarantee employees’ livelihood. Besides, the Company has established an employee welfare committee to take good care of the employees, appropriating welfare funds to the committee based on laws for the planning and implementation of each employee benefit policy, thereby improve employee benefit.

1. Benefit policies directly conducted by the Company

  • Welfare subsidies: wedding cash gift, funeral subsidy, etc.
  • Recreational Activities: year-end party, department banquet, etc.
  • Other subsidies: Holiday bonus, employee compensation, performance bonus, group insurance, business trip/travel/epidemic prevention insurance, regular employee health check, meal allowance, parking allowance, gym allowance, child education allowance, snack cabinet, coffee machine, vending machine, accommodation discounts at contracted hotels, etc.

2. Benefit policies conducted by the employee welfare committee

  • Welfare subsidies: birthday cash gift, childbirth subsidy, medical care subsidy.
  • Recreational Activities: Birthday celebration, domestic/international travel, planning and implementing year-end activities, club activities, etc.
  • Other subsidies: discounts at contracted stores.

The Company was incorporated in 2011, therefore the length of service of all employees in the Company are covered by the Labor Pension Act, under which monthly contributions are made to employees’ individual pension accounts at 6% of salaries. Besides, retirement-related matters are handled in accordance with the Labor Pension Act. So far the Company has no retired employees since its incorporation.

Work and Life

M31 Technology Corporation dedicates its efforts to ensuring employee health and workplace safety, implementing important measures on safety and health management as follows

  • 1. Conducts an annual inspection of all fire-fighting equipment based on fire safety regulations.
  • 2. Conducts a public safety check of buildings once for every two years based on regulations relevant to the public safety of buildings.
  • 3. Insure against commercial fire and public accidents to ensure workplace safety for employees.
  • 4. Implement safety and health education based on relevant regulations on occupational safety and health.
  • 5. Hold “fire safety lectures” once for every year
  • 6. The Occupational Accident Insurance shall be fully paid by the Company to ensure employees’ safety at work.
  • 7. The office is secured with an access control system 24 hours a day to assure employees a safe workplace.

Training and Developememt

In order to improve the human resource quality and the core competence of the corporation for sustainable management, the Company establishes a comprehensive education and training system to develop professional and competitive talents.

1. Internal training: new employee training, departmental training, quality training, environment safety training, other internal professional courses, fire drill training, work safety training, laboratory equipment operation training, etc.

2. External training: the manager and employee of each department can apply for the courses and training held by external institutions based on work demands.