Founder’s Philosophy

The increasing demand for time-to-market and cost-reduction in IC design stimulates the growth of IP business. Many design companies and foundries are aggressively looking for a professional silicon IP supplier who has expertise in design related technology, understands Asian culture, and recognizes actual industrial requirements. M31 Technology was established to provide customers with high-quality silicon IPs. Its solutions assist global design industry by leveraging the resources of Asian semiconductor supply chain to meet IC design needs worldwide.

M31 Technology Corporation is devoted to perfecting product development flow. It focuses on differentiated key specifications and tries to improve technology from time to time in order to stay at the top position of IP providers. M31’s goal is to become “The IP boutique” with high quality products and services to the industry.

M31 is named from “Messier 31” or “Andromeda Galaxy”, which is a double nucleus spiral galaxy approximately 2.25 million light-years away from the earth that contains one trillion stars. It is the most distant deep-sky object that is visible from the earth through naked eyes.

“We expect that every IP developed by M31 Technology Corporation to be just like the M31 galaxy–inspiring unlimited imagination and bringing us a brighter future-a dream soon to be seen and recognized the whole world over.”

— H.P. Lin, the Chairman & CEO, M31 Technology